Gaza Electricity: The situation will be very difficult if the Kerem Shalom crossing continues to be closed

The Gaza Governorates Electricity Distribution Company said today, Friday, that the situation will be very difficult, in the event that the Kerem Shalom crossing continues to be closed and the entry of fuel shipments is prevented.

The director of public relations at the Electricity Distribution Company, Muhammad Thabet, told “Dunia Al-Watan” that the power station would stop on Sunday.

He added: This coincides with the breakdown of main lines from within the 1948 lands, which carry a large amount of electricity, expressing his fear of the collapse of vital sectors such as health, water, the environment, sanitation and public services.

He said: Undoubtedly, this will seriously and directly affect the lives of citizens, especially in light of the challenges of facing the Corona virus, pointing to “the acute shortage of medical and service materials and supplies.”

The Director of Public Relations at the Electricity Distribution Company called on the international community, the United Nations, the European Union and human rights institutions to urgently and quickly intervene to stop the expected dangerous deterioration.

He stressed that there are millions of dollars in losses as a result of the destruction of the electricity distribution network, stressing that the electricity distribution company’s lack of necessary maintenance materials constitutes a serious and unprecedented challenge to the company.

Thabet said: The available energy is about 120 megawatts in the best of circumstances, and the demand is 400 megawatts, and there are permanent and continuous disruptions to the lines due to the daily bombing.

He warned that the power cuts would affect the intensive care rooms, oxygen production devices, nurseries for premature babies, dialysis machines, tomography machines, hospital reception units, in addition to the transfer of solid waste by the municipalities.
He added: There is also a fear that sewage pumps will soon stop due to the lack of electricity, and there is a fear that desalination plants potable water will stop working