Gaza Health Ministry: The number of Corona cases is declining ... and the Indian boom does not exist

Dr. Magdy Zaheer, head of the advisory committee to combat the Corona epidemic at the Ministry of Health in Gaza, said today, Wednesday, that the measures were taken based on the decrease in the number of people infected with the Coronavirus in the Gaza Strip.
In a special statement to Ma’an, Zaheer added, “These days, we are experiencing a decline in the epidemiological curve of cases infected with Coronavirus and even cases that need medical care, meaning the rate of family occupancy with Covid 19 inside the hospital.”
He explained that there is clearly an improvement in the epidemiological situation, and this is due to the measures that have been applied over the past weeks within the Gaza Strip.
And about whether there were cases of the Indian mutation, Zaheer confirmed that the ministry had conducted a series of tests to search for mutations in the sector and the presence of the Indian mutation had not been proven, explaining that those with corona inside the sector were either with the British mutation, in addition to the original strain, Covid 19.
He stressed that there is a clear and real decline in the number of cases registered in Corona, the positive rate from the examinations, as well as the family occupancy rate, which is the main and direct factor that comes out of the number of injured people in society and they need to receive service, and there is a clear and tangible decrease in the number of patients lying on hospital beds. 19 “.
He pointed out that the family occupancy rate reaches less than 50%, and this is clear that it reflects the clear improvement in the epidemiological situation in the sector.