Gaza Municipality: Water shortage due to the bombing of a main line

The Gaza municipality confirmed that the water shortage in some areas of the city is a result of the direct Israeli bombing of the main pipeline transporting from wells in the north of the city, namely (Well 12,
Well 15 and Well 16), which pumps about 600 cups per hour and feeds about 30% of the
areas City .

The municipality stated that the severe shortage of electricity and the suspension of the desalination plant in
the Sudania area, north of Gaza City, due to the current conditions, also negatively affected the amount of water pumped.

The municipality indicated that it had contacted the International Committee of the Red Cross, and coordination had been made to repair the water line tomorrow, Saturday, and the quantities of water would improve upon completion of the aforementioned pipeline repair process.

The municipality indicated that it had completed the maintenance work of the water lines that were targeted on
Jamal Abdel Nasser Street in front of (UNRWA), in Awn Al-Shawa Street, and in Mazen
Faqha Street, south of Al-Quds Hospital in the Tel Al-Hawa neighborhood.

The Gaza municipality had condemned the direct occupation of municipal facilities, roads
and civilian facilities, calling on the international community to curb its practice and stop its attacks on civilian facilities.

The municipality appealed to all local and international institutions to intervene urgently to provide the fuel needed to operate waste collection machinery, water wells and sanitation stations, warning of an imminent crisis looming on the horizon as a result of the fuel shortage.

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