In solidarity with Jerusalem and Gaza. After the evening prayers and Taraweeh tonight, a march began from the Hussein Bin Ali Mosque in the city of Hebron, at the invitation of Fatah, a region in central Hebron, and a march by Hamas was launched at the same time.

The two marches, in which hundreds of people participated, chanted slogans in support of the people in Jerusalem and Gaza.

Confrontations erupted between the occupation forces and youths in Al-Arroub camp, north of Hebron, during which the youths threw stones at the Israeli soldiers who had been stationed at the entrance to the camp, while the soldiers responded by firing tear gas canisters at the houses in the camp, which resulted in a number of civilians suffocating due to inhaling tear gas. .

Meanwhile, clashes erupted on the Ziv Triangle, south of Hebron, near the city of Yatta, when a number of young men set fire to tires and threw stones at the occupation soldiers who had been stationed in the area, and the soldiers responded by firing tear gas and sound bombs, and no injuries were reported until now.