The Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Gaza announced that a number of schools belonging to the government, the private sector, and the Relief Agency have been damaged by the continuous Israeli aggression against civilians and innocent people, and civilian institutions and facilities in the Strip.

The ministry explained that through following up on the emergency committees until Tuesday noon, 5 government schools were reported damaged, namely: Subha Al-Harazin, Abdul Raouf Al-Sharif, Jabalia Martyrs, Kafr Qasim, Sami Al-Alami, in addition to the bombing of the Al-Salah Islamic Private Schools complex, which led to the destruction of a number of Classrooms, a computer lab, a library, and a classroom support room, and the bombing also affected a number of UNRWA schools.

The Ministry stated that there are many damages in schools in terms of shells and shrapnel falling in the squares and classrooms, shattering glass windows and doors, and cracks and cracks in the walls.

The Ministry expressed its strong condemnation of this bombing, which affected our people in the Gaza Strip and targeted various areas, including children, schoolchildren and school buildings, in flagrant violation of international charters and norms.

The Ministry called on human rights organizations, the international community and international institutions interested in education to denounce the crimes of the occupation and work to stop them, and to place the Zionist entity in front of legal accountability with the aim of restraining its leaders and obliging them to respect the laws and signed agreements and comply with the United Nations resolutions that stipulate the right to life and education for children and the sanctity of schools and educational institutions.

It is noteworthy that the occupation targeted a group of children yesterday evening, resulting in the death of 9 of them, including 3 students from Osama Bin Zaid Secondary School in the North Gaza Education Directorate, and the martyrs are: The martyr Zakaria Ziyad Alloush, from the eleventh grade, and the martyr Mustafa Muhammad Ubaid He is from the eleventh grade, and the martyr student Muhammad Saber Suleiman is from the tenth grade.