Witness: Thousands of Jordanians are demonstrating near the borders with the occupation in solidarity with Gaza and Jerusalem

Thousands of Jordanians demonstrated this Friday afternoon near the borders with the occupation state, in solidarity with the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem.
Thousands of Jordanians participating in the border demonstration chanted slogans saluting the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip, and chanted slogans, including “With our souls and blood we sacrifice for you, O Aqsa.”
And the security services tried to prevent them from reaching the borders.
Participants flocked to the borders with Palestine in the morning, carrying Palestinian flags, in addition to banners condemning the attacks of the occupation in Jerusalem and its aggression on Gaza, and other slogans that affirmed the Palestinians’ right to freedom, independence and return.
During the past days, most Jordanian cities witnessed stand-ups and sit-ins in solidarity and support for Jerusalemites, and condemning the Israeli attacks in Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.
The vicinity of the occupation embassy in Amman witnessed mass protests, demanding the Jordanian government to expel the occupation ambassador from Amman.