Two new factories were damaged in the Gaza industrial zone as a result of the continuing aggression | Gaza News

شاهد .. حريق هائل بأحد أكبر مصانع البلاستيك في غزة جراء قصف إسرائيلي | رؤيا  الإخباري

The Ministry of National Economy announced that two new factories in the Gaza Industrial Zone were destroyed as a result of the continued Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip.
The ministry stated, in a press release that arrived together, that the factories that were affected by the destruction, Foam Line, for the manufacture of cork dishes, and the Al Suafir factory for home furnishings.
The Ministry of Economy condemned the bombing of factories and economic establishments in the Gaza Strip, calling on the ministry and the General Authority for Industrial Estates to put pressure on the occupation to stop targeting factories and economic establishments.

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