Warned d. Louay Al-Saqqa, an expert in international relations and economics, today suffers from the continuation of the phenomenon of poverty and unemployment in the Gaza Strip in light of the continuing Israeli siege, closure, attacks, wars and the blockage of the political horizon, as well as the “Corona” pandemic, which has further complicated the humanitarian situation, despite the insufficient aid provided.

Al-Saqa pointed out that the exacerbation of this phenomenon among the Palestinians must be stopped and combated through programs, strategies and containment measures to reduce unemployment and create a productive job opportunity for young people as soon as possible and work to reduce the dangerous and very high rates of poverty and implement projects that absorb productive, industrial and agricultural labor and encourage investment.

Al-Saqa indicated the need to expedite the provision of job opportunities and improve the living environment for the residents of the Gaza Strip by opening the crossings and allowing citizens and goods to move freely in order to end the phenomenon of poverty and unemployment.

Al-Sakka said that the implementation and development of development plans to cover the necessary needs need at least 15 billion dollars to cover the financing needs, reconstruction and support the Palestinian Authority’s general budget to implement urgent projects.

Al-Saqa pointed out that the phenomenon of poverty in Palestine is very specific due to the practices of the occupation and the events and tragedies that the Palestinian people are exposed to, especially uprooting, displacement, wars, occupation, deprivation of national rights, and siege….. This has led to permanent impoverishment of large groups of the Palestinian people. In essence, poverty is the result of the interaction of a set of structural factors (political, economic and social)