Minister of Public Works and Housing, Muhammad Ziara, discussed with international officials the government’s plans in the reconstruction file and the priorities of urgent interventions that are being worked on in order to return families to their homes and provide them with a permanent and adequate shelter.

The Minister met a visit in Gaza, with a delegation from the United Nations Development Program, headed by the Special Representative of the Program in Palestine, Yvonne Haley, and another delegation from the Housing and Shelter Sector Group headed by Iyad Abu Hamam, in addition to a delegation from the State Committee of the Red Cross headed by the Director of the Committee’s Office in Gaza, Miriam Miller , separately, with the participation of the coordinator of the National Reconstruction Team, Saadi Ali.

The Minister of Works stressed the importance of cooperation and coordination with all partners, which will achieve the government’s goal of reconstruction, sustainable development and social justice, and provide job opportunities and jobs for graduates, with attention to marginalized groups, professionals and women’s issues.

He stressed that the Palestinian leadership will provide the necessary support to the institutions that will work to provide relief and reconstruction in the Gaza Strip.

He praised the efforts of all international institutions and Arab countries, especially the Arab Republic of Egypt, which has the ability to work in the Gaza Strip, through its great interest in urgent interventions and humanitarian relief, which gives hope to those affected.

For their part, all institutions affirmed their cooperation with the Palestinian government and their readiness to carry out their duties towards the Gaza Strip and work in line with national plans.