Hayek discusses with the European Union the problems of Gaza and the acceleration of reconstruction

Ali Al-Hayek, head of the Palestinian Businessmen Association, discussed with a delegation from the European Union office in the Palestinian territories the economic and humanitarian problems of the Gaza Strip, obstacles to the reconstruction process, and the need to compensate the private sector.

This came during a visit by the delegation represented by the Commercial Attaché Orest Tokas and the cultural Daniela Svircik to the headquarters of the association, and the two sides discussed the interventions required by the European Union to improve the situation in the Gaza Strip in light of the catastrophic effects of the Israeli wars and the siege.

Hayek stressed the need to address the effects of the recent aggression, start reconstruction operations and end the policies of tightening the siege on the crossings, as they are of paramount importance at the present time to limit the deepening of crises in Gaza.

Hayek stressed that the European Union is required to play an active role in the reconstruction file and ease the siege by putting pressure on the Israeli side to allow the entry of reconstruction materials, open crossings for all types of goods and raw materials, and speed up the arrival of donor funds to ensure the acceleration of reconstruction and reviving the economy in Gaza.

Hayek pointed out the importance of disbursing compensation to the affected sectors and finding supportive programs for the private sector to enable it to exercise its natural role in economic development and reduce the problems of unemployment and poverty.

In turn, the representative of the European Union in the Palestinian territories, Sven Cohen von Burgsdorff, stressed the importance of starting a rapid reconstruction process in the Gaza Strip.

Burgsdorff stressed the union’s readiness to work with all parties to improve the situation in Gaza so that the population can live in stability and peace.

He referred to the efforts made by the European Union to help the Palestinian people in various fields, lift the siege on Gaza, accelerate reconstruction and ensure the delivery of aid.