┬áThe media spokesperson for the victims of the 2014 aggression, Abdul Hadi Muslim, renewed his call to UNRWA to work on ending the file of the victims of the 2014 aggression, especially the partial and eloquent ones who did not receive any single dollar.┬áMuslim added, “We had warned in previous times and through the various media and also through our meetings with the director of operations of the agency and his former deputy and those in charge of this file of procrastination, procrastination and the occurrence of another aggression without obtaining compensation, and this is what actually happened in the last aggression and the addition of thousands of housing units The destructive, eloquent and partial on this file, which increased and exacerbated the suffering, especially that a large number of victims of the 2014 aggression, who did not receive any amounts from the agency, were damaged again in the last aggression and they have two files and are waiting for at least one compensation for them.

Muslim said in a press statement that arrived together that the agency promised many times that it would work to put an end to this file and work to quickly compensate the affected, but despite the passage of more than seven years, these promises are just bubbles and ashes are scattered in the eyes and with the aim of absorbing the curse and anger of the affected.

Engineer Naji Sarhan, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, had confirmed that the victims of previous wars, especially those affected by the 2014 aggression, were merged into one file with those affected by the 2021 aggression and will be covered by compensation.

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