Israel demands pressure on Jerusalemites to accept settlement proposals

The Hebrew newspaper, “Haaretz”, revealed on Wednesday the pressures exerted by the Israeli government recently to accept the Jerusalemites as peaceful solutions with the settlers.

According to the Hebrew newspaper, the Israeli government called on the US administration to put pressure on the Palestinian families in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem, in order to agree to the settlement proposal proposed by the Supreme Court judges, the day before yesterday.

The newspaper pointed out that Israeli officials believe that the evasion of an escalation in the region is in the hands of the Palestinians, and they must agree to settlement proposals, in order to reduce international tension over the possible expulsion of Palestinian families from their homes.

According to the newspaper, there is concern in Israel that the court’s decision will put Israel at the center of an unprecedented political confrontation, including with friendly countries. Source: “Acre for Israeli Affairs”