Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights strongly condemned the continued Israeli violations against civilians, especially the use of excessive and lethal force and arbitrary detention in the occupied Palestinian territories, and the continued detention of Palestinian bodies.
In a statement that arrived together, he stressed that "the policy of detaining the bodies violates the basic rights of the deceased and his family, and is considered an inhuman or moral act, as it represents a blatant violation of all human and religious values."
He added, "The Israeli occupation authorities refuse to disclose the names of those whose bodies are being held and the places and conditions of their detention, and refrain from autopsies, announcing the cause of death and issuing death certificates, and even more than that, they impose humiliating conditions for burying the bodies in some rare cases in which the bodies are handed over after several years of detention. , in a grave violation of the rules of international humanitarian law, especially what is stipulated in Articles (129, 130) of the Fourth Geneva Convention.”
He continued, according to the information available to the center, the occupation authorities continue to detain the bodies of (7) Palestinian detainees who died in Israeli detention, and refuse to release the bodies and hand them over to their families, within the framework of the policy of holding the bodies and taking them as hostages to bargain over them and achieve political goals.

The Center called on the international community, especially the high signatories to the Geneva Conventions, to assume its legal and moral responsibilities towards the residents of the occupied Palestinian territories, and to pressure the occupation authorities to release the detained bodies, including the bodies of detainees who died inside prisons, and to end the suffering of their families and enable them to bury them in a proper manner According to their culture and religious teachings.
It is noteworthy that the policy of detaining the bodies of the martyrs has become an official policy adopted by the Israeli occupation authorities after they enacted laws and issued decisions and court rulings that allow the detention of bodies for tens of years, as the number of bodies held after 2015 reached 325, of whom (26) are from the Gaza Strip.

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