IDF instructed to start preparing for possible annexation - Al-Monitor: The  Pulse of the Middle East

The Israeli occupation army decided, on Tuesday, to reinforce its forces on the borders of the Gaza Strip, in anticipation of renewed confrontations with Palestinian citizens at the electronic fence surrounding the Strip.

The Israeli army spokesman said that in light of the assessment of the security situation and the army’s preparations for other violent confrontations on the fence, it was decided to reinforce the “Gaza Division” with additional forces.

The spokesman added that, in recent days, the occupation army has intensified its preparations, and the relevant plans have been approved and training has been carried out in different areas.

He said: The occupation forces will deal “strictly” in the face of any events that may take place near the fence surrounding the Gaza Strip in the coming days.

Today, Tuesday, the resistance factions in the Gaza Strip called on the masses of the Gaza Strip to participate in peaceful mass activities entitled “The Sword of Jerusalem will not be sheathed” in rejection of the siege and Judaization and in support of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa.