Gaza: 8 deaths and 1,300 new cases of corona within 24 hours

 The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced the registration of eight deaths and 1,300 new infections with the Corona virus, after conducting 3,695 laboratory tests during the past 24 hours.

In its daily statement, the Ministry of Health confirmed the registration of eight deaths, bringing the number to 1290 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.

And the Ministry of Health indicated that 358 new cases of people infected with the Corona virus have recovered, which raises the total number of people recovered to 134,987 cases.

She said that a cumulative total of the injured was 156,596, while the number of active cases was 20,319.

She explained that the total number of cases that need medical care in the hospital is 390, while the total number of serious and critical cases is 244.

The total doses that reached the Gaza Strip reached: 768,590 doses, while the total number of people who received the vaccine was 381,287 people