The health condition of the striking prisoner, Alaa Al-Araj, continues to deteriorate

The prisoner, engineer Alaa Samih, in the town of Anabta, Tulkarm district, is suffering from a continuous deterioration in his health, as he continues to wage an open-ended hunger strike for the 31st consecutive day, rejecting his administrative detention.

Today, Tuesday, the Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority reported that the health condition of prisoner Alaa Al-Araj has deteriorated and worsened, and indicated that he suffers from severe stomach and digestive pain, in addition to persistent headaches, and general weakness in the body, especially in his left foot.
Asmaa Quzmar, the wife of the prisoner, Alaa Al-Araj, confirmed that Alaa’s health condition is deteriorating continuously, and he is currently suffering from severe stomach and chest pains, and is unable to stand on his feet, and refuses to receive any medication, treatment or visit to the doctor, considering that this is only painkillers.
Quzmar expressed her fears because of the occupation policies that do not take into account anything and are concerned with bringing it to a difficult or unknown stage, and called that this requires a pause from the free people of our people who depend on them.
The occupation forces arrested the captive Alaa Al-Araj on 30/06/2021, and an administrative detention order was issued against him without any charges being brought against him. He is a former prisoner who was arrested for two years in 2019.
It is noteworthy that the lame prisoner did not complete a year outside prison until the occupation forces re-arrested him on 30/6/2021 and imposed administrative detention on him for six months, subject to renewal, which prompted him to rise up against this injustice and announce his open hunger strike.
Al-Araj spent more than five and a half years in the occupation prisons; He is the father of a child who was born in Megiddo Prison, where he spent only a year and a half with him; And the rest he saw only from behind the glass of visits.

Not only that; Rather, his father died while he was in detention and was unable to say goodbye to him; He spent most of the holidays and the months of Ramadan in detention.

Although Al-Assir finished his bachelor’s degree in engineering with nine years due to the arrests during exam periods, he finished it with a first degree at the Faculty of Engineering.

He also excelled in his master’s degree with a score of 96.3, but the occupation makes him pay the tax of this superiority and the price of the hatred of the intelligence officer, who told him, “He who is like you does not have to be outside the prison!”

The occupation is still holding Alaa accountable for a case that ended in 2014 under the pretext of the secret file; Although he spent his sentence of 38 months on this case, the occupation robbed him of the most beautiful years of his life and youth in prisons.

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