Haniyeh: We are waging a battle for the release of prisoners, including those of Jordan

Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas’ political bureau, confirmed that Hamas will not hesitate to assume its responsibilities towards the prisoners now and in the future.

In response to the appeal of MP Dr. Khalil Attia, a member of the Jordanian Parliament, to the head of the movement to work for the release of Jordanian prisoners, and also related to what was issued by the Arab Parliament in particular at its last meeting, he said, “We are fighting a battle on more than one level for the release of Palestinian and Arab prisoners, including prisoners of war.” The brotherly Jordan, and the agenda of the conflict is open with the enemy in order to achieve this goal sooner or later, and the movement will not hesitate to assume responsibility now and in the future in this regard.”

Haniyeh explained that the negotiating team that conducts indirect negotiations with the occupation are among the best men of the movement, and they know what must be done in order to reach an honorable deal, with the full support of all the movement’s arms at home and abroad through successive chapters until the final goal is achieved by liberating our prisoners.

The head of the movement called on the international community and relevant institutions to assume their full responsibility in stopping the suffering of our prisoners, and curbing the aggressive policy of the Israeli Prison Service, praising the struggle steps and strikes that the prisoners are waging for their just rights.