The Palestine Liberation Front rejected the unjust and arbitrary decision against many Palestinian civil society organizations working in the field of human rights, women and children, which was taken by the Israeli Army Minister Gantz, considering these associations terrorist organizations.

The Palestine Liberation Organization said in a statement that this racist decision is a blatant violation of these national, social and humanitarian institutions that take care of the interests of the groups affected by the occupation and spread awareness among members of the Palestinian society of their rights. It also monitors the violations of the Israeli occupation and exposes its colonial policies and decisions before international human rights institutions, courts and organizations humanity.

The Palestinian Liberation affirmed that this decision is a continuation of the policy of the successive occupation governments of siege, settlement, demolishing homes, confiscating lands, expelling the indigenous people from their lands and displacing them to curb the ambition of the Palestinian people, destroy their morale, and undermine their will and determination to achieve their goals of liberation, return, and the establishment of their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital, as stipulated in the laws. and international and international laws.

The Palestinian Liberation Organization warned the decision-makers in the Zionist occupation government against harming the employees of these institutions and associations of a humanitarian and social nature, as it bears full responsibility for their lives and the lives of their beneficiaries, as well as not to tamper with the holdings of these institutions.

The Palestinian Liberation called on human rights organizations and civil society organizations around the world to learn about their responsibilities and defend these organizations so that they can play their role and carry out their work and fulfill their duties towards our people without pressure, prosecution and harassment by the occupation authorities, and even hold the inhumane decision makers in Bennett’s government accountable