The Prisoners Authority monitors the suffering of the female prisoners of "Damoon" and the double restrictions imposed on them after the "Freedom Tunnel" operation

The Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Commission monitored today, Wednesday, part of the suffering of the female prisoners of the “Damoon Detention Center” and the restrictions imposed on them recently. The past rights of prisoners in various detention centers, which are still systematically imposed.

The commission indicated in a statement that “Dunia Al-Watan” received a copy of it, that the attack launched by the occupation authorities against male and female prisoners in various prisons, came after six prisoners managed to extract their freedom by escaping through a tunnel from Gilboa prison, and since that day the abusive measures against them have escalated. .

They explained to the lawyers of the “Damoon”, after her visit to them, the details of the restrictions imposed on them recently, including the closure of rooms inside the section during the time of the break, and recently only two rooms were allowed to open after negotiations with the prison administration, the implementation of repressive inspection campaigns for their rooms and the security examination (d. windows) at midnight, and in many cases, external units are used to conduct inspections, and books are confiscated from the prisoners’ rooms.

The female prisoners added that in general there is a state of tension and general alertness inside the prison, noting that the guards wear protective shields for the chest and neck during the inspections.   

It is worth noting that the number of female prisoners currently detained inside the “Damoon” prison is 34.