Al-Wahidi: The phosphorous prisoner’s strike needs tangible international and humanitarian action

عائلة الأسير المضرب كايد الفسفوس: هناك خشية من اغتيال الأسرى المضربين -  شبكة قدس الإخبارية

Nashat al-Wahidi, spokesperson for the Martyrs and Prisoners Commission of the Fatah movement’s supreme leadership body in the southern governorates, confirmed that the heroic prisoner Kayed al-Fusus, who arrived today, Tuesday, November 9, 2021, on his open hunger strike without support, refused to arbitrary administrative detention in the prisons of the Israeli occupation. To this day, 118, it is the case of the victim before whom the slogans of international organizations that glorify human rights have fallen.

Al-Wahidi saluted the prisoner Kayed Muhammad Hassan al-Fosfus and his brothers who are on hunger strike in rejection of the arbitrary administrative detention, stressing the role of the international and humanitarian community in making a serious movement to rescue the captive Kayed al-Fosfus and his brothers from among the teeth of the Israeli executioner who denies the right of the Palestinian people to freedom.

He stated that the prisoner Kayed Muhammad Hassan al-Fafous is a resident of Dura in Hebron district and his original town is Dura in Hebron district. He was born in the year 18/2/1989 – married and has a 7-year-old daughter named Joanne and he has 5 brothers (Mahmoud, who is a prisoner in the prisons of the Israeli occupation Hama is serving 13 years in prison – Akram and is serving a 5-year sentence in the Israeli occupation prisons – Hafez – Khaled – Hassan + 5 sisters) The Israeli occupation forces had arrested him on October 18, 2020 and he is a university student at Hebron University (third year majoring in Computer Science) He declared an open hunger strike on 7/15/2021, rejecting the arbitrary administrative detention. On Thursday, October 14, 2021, the administration of the Israeli Prisons Authority froze the administrative detention against him in an attempt to break his strike and undermine his will. On Friday, October 29, 2021 The administration of the Israeli Prison Service has given a green light from the top of the political hierarchy in the occupying country to re-activate the administrative detention orderTo the prisoner to freeze the administrative detention on Thursday 4/11/2021 in a new attempt to absolve her of responsibility for the life and fate of the prisoner Kayed Phosphorous.

Nashat al-Wahidi, spokesperson for the Martyrs and Prisoners Commission of the Fatah movement’s supreme leadership body in the southern governorates and representative of the Fatah movement in the prisoners’ committee for the national and Islamic forces, explained that the health condition of the prisoner Kayed phosphorous, who is lying in the Israeli Barzilai Hospital, is very dangerous and he needs medical follow-up, as the severe weight loss from 95 kg to 50 kg, severe weakness in the pulse and heart muscles, severe aches all over the body, and he recently had ulcers in the back as a result of not being turned over in the hospital, and he could be exposed at any moment to stroke.

He stated that he is an athlete and a champion in bodybuilding and did not complain of diseases before his arrest, calling on the international and humanitarian community to get out of the circle of expressions of concern in statements that do not suffice the prisoners from their hunger and thirst for freedom and a decent life, and stand before their duties and responsibilities by rescuing the hunger strikers and putting pressure on the Israeli occupation To release them, he pointed out that there are 6 prisoners on hunger strike in the Israeli occupation prisons, in refusal to arbitrary administrative detention, and their health conditions are very serious. They are:

1- Kayde phosphorous (118 days)

2- Miqdad Al-Qawasmi (111 days)

3- Alaa Al-Araj (94 days)

4- Hisham Abu Hawash (84 days)

5- Ayyad Al-Herimi (48 days)

6- Louay Al-Ashqar (30 days)

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