Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas’ political bureau, said: The British Home Secretary’s decision, Priti Patel, to consider Hamas a “terrorist” organization is a new attack on our people and their rights. , The argument for concern for the Jewish community in Britain as a motive for the decision is false.

In a statement that reached together, he considered this decision useless or affecting Hamas and its struggle and to discourage it from continuing to defend the Palestinian people and their rights by all legitimate means through comprehensive resistance. Unwavering resistance and struggle for freedom, return and independence.

He added: “The steadfastness of our Palestinian people and their rallying around their national fighting forces is enough to weaken and abort all decisions that affect their inalienable rights, including the right to resist occupation, just as the legitimacy of Hamas derives from this people, from our nation, from the free people of the world, and from our national struggle, and you will not find these decisions.” Of a political, electoral, and biased nature, the occupation has no influence or place in front of the peoples, the free people, the elites, and the activities that support the Palestinian right, and it will not be able to stop the growing popular sympathy with the Palestinian cause within British and Western society in general.

And condemned the decision, which came on the anniversary of the historic and sinister crime of the Balfour Declaration, for which Britain had first apologized to our Palestinian people and to the whole world, and to stop playing the Israeli chord instead of renewing its alignment with it.

Haniyeh saluted all the free people at the national, regional and international levels who expressed the moral stance by rejecting the resolution, and clearly condemned this hostile stance, and demanded that it be reversed and canceled.

He pointed out that Hamas has begun a broad movement to confront this decision, and work to isolate and condemn it through the labor offices in the movement’s leadership and its national, Arab, Islamic and international relations, and efforts are continuing to block the path for the occupation to benefit from it.

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