The detection of a new mutant of the virus (Corona) .. These are its details

A new mutation of the Corona virus, which was monitored in several European countries, has raised concern among experts in the field of public health, urging that its proteins are different from those in previous strains, according to what was stated on the website of the Israeli (Kan) channel. .
In turn, the French newspaper (Le Telegram) confirmed that 24 students in Brittany, Britain, had contracted the infection during the past month, and that the school in which the mutant was discovered had canceled 50% of its classes.
She indicated that no new cases of the mutant have been detected since the 25th of last month, but some cases were discovered in Britain, Switzerland, Scotland and Italy.

With regard to Israel, the Israeli channel (Kan) reported that Professor Cyril Cohen, from Bar Ilan University in (Ramat Gan) in Tel Aviv, is consulting with French experts on this mutation.

Cohen said, “The mutant known as B.1.640 may not be affected by the existing vaccines against the virus, which confirms the need to vaccinate the largest number of human beings on different continents in order to avoid the virus multiplying and the formation of new mutations from it that may make the current vaccination useless.”