The occupation arrests 9 journalists and injures 15 others during October

During the monthly report on the state of press freedoms in October 2021, the Journalists’ Support Committee monitored more than (60) violations against media freedoms and journalists, including (54) Israeli violations, and (3) violations by Palestinian internal parties In the West Bank and Gaza Strip, more than (3) cases of violations were recorded by social media companies, in the context of combating Palestinian content.
Israeli violations: The Israeli
occupation forces committed a total of (54) attacks against media freedoms and press crews, injuring (15) journalists. They were assaulted, using metal bullets, poisonous gas bombs, sound bombs, pepper gas, spraying with sewage, dragging, beating with sticks and rifle butts. He cursed them and spit on them.
While the occupation forces arrested and summoned more than (9) journalists, they are Sameh Manasra (released), Radi Karama (released), Ahmed Sobeih (released), Nasreen Salem (released), Izzat Jamjoum (released), Ahmed Qatamesh (not released) For him), Musab Qafisha (not released), while the editor-in-chief Bushra Al-Taweel and the journalist Alaa Al-Rimawi were summoned.
Regarding the extension of detention, renewal, issuance and postponement of judgments and rejection of an appeal, a number of (8) cases were recorded, where the detention of Assem Al-Shannar was extended three times, the detention of journalist Ahmed Sobeih (released later), and the postponement of a trial for journalist Musab Qafisha, then the occupation court issued a prison arrest decision. For 40 days, the court of journalist Yazan Jaafar Abu Salah was postponed, for the 16th time in a row.
The report also recorded (3) cases of house confinement, and the deportation of journalist Nasreen Salem for 15 days from the Bab Al-Amoud area in occupied Jerusalem, for a distance of 150 meters, as well as the expulsion of journalist Ahmed Abu Sobeih from Salah El-Din, Sultan Suleiman and Bab Al-Amoud Streets until December 20 He was also placed under house arrest for four days.

In continuation to obliterate the crimes of the occupation against the citizens, the occupation forces prevented the participation of settlers who obstruct the work of journalists. The committee recorded more than (12) cases of preventing and obstructing journalists’ coverage.
In addition, the occupation forces stormed (3) of the journalists’ homes, destroying and breaking some of the home’s furniture and contents.
On the side of harassment and torture against journalists in the occupation prison, the report records (4) cases, during which journalist Nisreen Salem was subjected to racist insults because of the color of her skin, while the occupation soldiers interrogated her, and the prison administration prevented the captive journalist Asim Al-Shannar from seeing his lawyer, as well as procrastinating It rejected the petition submitted by the captive journalist Muhammad Asida, to frighten the administrative detention against him, while she forced the journalist Ahmed Abu Sobeih to pay a fine of 750 shekels, and sign a bail of 3000 shekels before it exploded on him.
*fighting Palestinian content*
On the side of electronic violations against Palestinian digital content, the Department of Social Media closed Palestinian pages and websites, and blocked, deleted and restricted many accounts of journalists and media institutions, part of which was monitored and promised (3) violations in the context of combating Palestinian content and narrative, and they are closing YouTube managed the official National Media Agency account through its platform for the second time, and Facebook restricted the account of free journalist and writer Rasem Obeidat from the occupied West Bank for a month, as well as restricting the page of media writer Mustafa Al-Sawaf.
*Internal Palestinian Violations*
The Journalists Support Committee recorded, during its monthly report, a number of (3) violations by Palestinian parties in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, where it recorded (2) adjourning and holding a court session, namely, the postponement of the case of the “Al-Araby Al-Jadeed” office, and the holding of a trial session for journalist Ayman Qawariq, and in The Gaza Strip, No. (1), which is the postponement of the Khan Yunis Magistrate’s Court in the southern Gaza Strip, for the fourth time, the appeal hearing for the sentencing of photographer and journalist Ihab Fasfus
“misuse of technology”, until November 30 to issue the verdict.