The Liberation Front calls on international institutions to respond firmly to the tearing up of the report of the Human Rights Foundation by the occupation representative

The Palestine Liberation Front called on the United Nations, the Security Council, the Human Rights Council and the International Court to respond firmly to the arrogance and arrogance of the representative of the occupying state against these institutions after he tore up the report issued by the Human Rights Council, which condemns the Israeli army’s practices and violence against the people of the Gaza Strip and civil institutions Working in it during the last war waged by the occupation army on the cities and villages of the Strip, which lasted for 11 days.

The Palestine Liberation Organization said in a statement that these immoral behaviors practiced by the occupation politicians are an expression of the racist, colonial and liquidationist policies against the Palestinian people who are seeking to get rid of the occupation that continues to destroy, demolish and displace the population, remove entire villages and neighborhoods, Judaize Jerusalem, and the siege. It must be addressed firmly by the international community, in deed, not in words, before it is too late.

The Palestinian Liberation affirmed, as in the past, that the silence of the international community’s institutions and their disregard for the directions of the occupation government and the failure to respond forcefully to its repeated violations of international laws and disregard for all the decisions of international institutions encouraged these successive Israeli governments to move forward in implementing their plans that prevent the two-state solution. The international courts should hold the occupation leaders, soldiers and representatives who disregard the international community and its institutions to account, and bring them to trial so that this hateful pride and arrogance stops.

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