(What is hidden is greater) publishes audio recordings of prisoners in the occupation prisons documenting their suffering

The “What is Hidden is Greater” program published, on the Al-Jazeera satellite channel, exclusive audio recordings of prisoners inside the prisons of the Israeli occupation documenting their suffering, after six of them escaped from Gilboa prison, last September.

The program also published an audio leak of one of the prisoners, who said: “We live in the worst conditions known to mankind, and prisons, which made the boys gray.”

Another prisoner in Gilboa prison confirmed, during an audio recording, that the occupation prisons administration suppressed all prisoners in the prison, under the pretext that there is no law now, after the escape of the six prisoners.
In the same context, the program published leaked footage showing brutal attacks and shootings of Palestinian prisoners in the Negev desert prison in 2019, in addition to revealing the identities of Israeli officers and soldiers involved in these attacks.

In turn, the released prisoner, Nizar Shehadeh, said during the program (What is Hidden is Greater): “The Occupation’s Prisons Authority suppressed prisoners in the Negev prison during 2019 from 10 pm until 5 am without stopping.
Shehadeh added: “During the crackdown on prisoners in the Negev prison in 2019, the prisoners were dragged after beating them to the square and the police dogs climbed on their backs.”

The program revealed that Israelis were kidnapped outside Palestine, pointing out that Israel is silent about them.