The Director of the Prisoners Center for Studies, Dr. Raafat Hamdouna, called on international institutions, led by the International Red Cross, to put pressure on the occupation to resume and regular the program of visits for all prisoners and detainees, considering that the visit to the prisoner is a right guaranteed by international conventions, especially the Third and Fourth Geneva Convention, and that the prisoners are in need now. For visits and the introduction of the needs of clothes, shoes and covers due to the entry of the winter season and atmospheric depressions.

Dr. said. Hamduna said in a statement to Ma’an that the occupation authorities obstruct the visits of the families of the prisoners and detainees, and practice a policy of humiliation and humiliation against families at the crossings, checkpoints and prison gates during their children’s visit, and prevent the granting of permits to some of them to the prisoners of the Gaza Strip.
He explained that the return of dozens of families of prisoners in the West Bank yesterday, Monday, who were heading to visit for the third time, claiming that they had not received the third dose of the anti-Coronavirus vaccine is a flimsy pretext, since many of them have already received the vaccine, and that the occupation prisons administration did not announce a change in its procedures regarding the visit.

Dr. pointed out. Hamduna said that the prisoners and former detainees achieved with many struggles and martyrs conditions for regular visits, in addition to special visits, the entry of second-degree relatives, the entry of children in the last quarter of an hour of the visit, and the entry of the prisoners’ needs of clothes, shoes, blankets and some food needs.

Hamdouneh called on the media and local, Arab and international human rights and human rights institutions to pressure the occupation for regular visits, and warned against the continuation of violations and violations of international conventions and the lowest concepts of human rights.

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