Sheikh Hatem Al-Bakri, Minister of Endowments and Religious Affairs, announced that, based on the decisions of the Saudi Ministry of Hajj related to the travel of pilgrims for this year and the need for them to receive the necessary vaccinations for the (Corona) virus, and that a number of pilgrims from the State of Palestine accepted to perform the Hajj did not receive the vaccination. The Ministry has taken many decisions related to this regard to ensure the right of pilgrims to perform the Hajj.

He added: If anyone wishes to postpone his travel this season while he is vaccinated and is accompanying a person who did not receive the vaccination, the Ministry also reserves his right for the next year.

Al-Bakri also confirmed that each of the sisters who received a vaccination and did not take the Mahram registered with them in the lottery statements, the Mahram registered with them can be replaced with another, to ensure that the opportunity for Hajj is not lost on them.

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