The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced today, Friday evening, the death of ten citizens, after the Israeli occupation targeted Gaza City. 

According to the Ministry of Health’s toll, among the martyrs were a five-year-old girl and a woman, while 44 civilians were injured as a result of the Israeli bombing of Gaza.

This evening, the Israeli occupation aircraft launched two raids on an apartment in the Palestine Tower on Al-Wahda Street in the center of Gaza City, and another on an observatory of the resistance in the northern Gaza Strip. 

And a spokesman for the occupation army announced the implementation of attacks inside the Gaza Strip. 

During the day, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz conducted an assessment of the security situation in Gaza and sent a message to Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

The Israeli (Kan) channel said, “Army Minister Gantz conducted an assessment of the situation with the participation of Chief of Staff Kohavi, the head of the “Shin Bet” and the commander of the Southern Command, Toledano, at the headquarters of the Southern Command.

And Gantz issued a threat to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, during a press conference, after the session ended, where he said, “Israel is exercising restraint that stems from its strength, and we do not want to escalate, but we will not hesitate to go to it if necessary.”

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