Asharaf Al-Qaissi, a Palestinian man who agreed to have his house demolished to make way for rescue operations after neighbouring houses were destroyed in Israeli air strikes that killed a senior Islamic Jihad commander, gestures as he sits on the rubble of his house, in Rafah in southern Gaza Strip.

The young man Al-Qaisi, who lives in Al-Shaout camp, works in selling sweets (Al-Auja), and lives in difficult financial conditions, but this did not prevent him from agreeing to demolish his house, stressing that what concerns him is saving the injured.

The rescue crews had difficulty rescuing the injured under the rubble, using manual digging for hours, as they were unable to enter the vehicles due to the narrow streets of the camp, before offering the citizen Al-Qaisi demolishing his house, which he agreed to immediately.

Occupation warplanes destroyed a house in the densely populated al-Sha’ot camp, which led to the death of seven Palestinians, including a child and two women, according to official statements.

The Israeli occupation forces have launched an aggression on the Gaza Strip, since last Friday evening, which has resulted in the death of 24 Palestinians and the injury of more than 200 others, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.