The Ministry of Education confirmed that the aggression of the occupying power on the Gaza Strip is a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, especially the Fourth Geneva Convention, the right of our children to life and education, and the destruction of civilian objects, including our educational institutions, are war crimes that require an international and international position. Protects our students, schools
and educational institutions.The past two days witnessed the martyrdom and injury of dozens ofchildren and educational staff, in addition to the consequent psychological and social terrorism that affects the comprehensive upbringing of the child at the long level.

The Ministry of Education called on the international community and the relevant international and international human rights and human rights institutions to take a firm stand and immediately intervene and restrain the occupation authority from continuing its terrorist operations and massacres against our students, institutions and people in the Gaza Strip.The ministry indicated that the scenes of killing children, intimidating them and targeting them confirm the arrogance of the occupier, his criminal behavior and his persistence in the policy of cold-blooded killing, stressing that it will follow up these crimes with the relevant authorities at all levels, and will spare no effort in exposing the practices of the occupation in international and international forums, including Prosecution as required by law.

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