Head of the Government Information Office in Gaza, Salama Maarouf, said that the Israeli occupation’s aggression on the Gaza Strip, on its second day, destroyed 650 housing units, 45 of which have become uninhabitable.

Maaref confirmed in a press conference today, Saturday, that the occupation’s aggression caused damage to many civil institutions, including media and human rights organizations, and the homes of citizens, the latest of which was the bombing of a building west of Gaza City, in clear violation of international laws.

He stressed that the occupation, with its practices, disregards all international covenants, in an extension of the aggression in which all our lands in Jerusalem and the West Bank have been violated, in addition to the crime of the siege in Gaza, and the aggression that it is now carrying out.

He added: “The occupation’s aggression exacerbates the difficult humanitarian reality, which is becoming increasingly difficult with the closure of the crossings and the prevention of humanitarian aid from reaching all parties that provide services to citizens.”

Maarouf stressed that preventing the entry of fuel portends a difficult humanitarian reality that will have difficult repercussions and repercussions on all sectors, health sectors, municipalities and others.

He said that government teams have raised the degree of readiness and mobilized all their staff, especially in hospitals and municipalities, which are trying to reduce the catastrophic repercussions resulting from the interruption of electricity supplies.

Maarouf pointed out that the occupation is trying to spread the spirit of division among the Palestinian people, as he thinks that the blood of the Palestinian people is cheap and uses it as fuel for its elections.

He called on the international community to stop dealing with duplicity, stressing that this is what led the occupation to deal in this way and to commit crimes and violations against the Palestinians.

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