According to the Gaza Strip’s Ministry of Health, 232 individuals have died and 1,697 have been injured with a variety of injuries as a result of Israeli attack, with the total number of patients admitted to Gaza Strip hospitals as of this point.

In a statement released on Saturday night, the Ministry acknowledged that medical staff are still doing everything in their power to save scores of serious and critical patients in operating rooms and intensive care.

The Ministry declared that it had started enacting its emergency plan this morning and that all medical facilities and ambulance units would be operating under the strictest emergency conditions.

In order to increase readiness and attentiveness, it noted that it had ceased outpatient clinics and scheduled activities.

She pointed out that the ongoing Israeli blockade and the severe shortage of medical supplies it causes have reduced the level of readiness.

The Ministry condemned the repeated violations by the Israeli occupation forces that resulted in the direct targeting of the Indonesian Hospital and the Nasser Medical Complex, the destruction of five government and private ambulances, and the deaths and injuries of three medical professionals.

Because hospitals will be forced to run electrical generators for extended periods of time and we fear that they will eventually stop due to deterioration and the exhaustion of the limited fuel reserves inside of them, the Ministry of Health warned of serious health consequences as a result of the interruption of the electricity lines leading to the Gaza Strip.

She urged international organizations to take decisive action to protect medical personnel, medical facilities, and ambulances during the statement.

She urged organizations that provide aid and humanitarian assistance to get to work right away to help Gaza Strip hospitals with their urgent needs.

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