Gaza City in Palestine


Gaza City in Palestine Gaza City in Palestine is one of the most important cities, as it is one the oldest cities in history. Moreover, It is a coastal city and the largest city in the Gaza Strip. It was occupied by many invaders such as the Pharaohs, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, English, and others […]

Shireen Abu Akleh

Shireen Abu Akleh

Shireen Abu Akleh was born in Jerusalem on January 3, 1971, to a Palestinian Arab Christian family from Bethlehem.She spent time in the United States, obtaining U.S. citizenship through members of her mother’s family who lived in New Jersey. Abu Akleh’s parents died when she was younger. She has one brother The late Shireen Abu […]

Deir al-Balah city

Deir al-Balah city

Deir al-Balah city Deir al-Balah is one of the occupied Palestinian cities. Its land area is 58 km², and it is twenty-three meters above sea level. It was named after the construction of the first monastery in Palestine on its land, where it was built by St. Hilarius, who was buried in the eastern neighborhood […]

Why is Gaza called Hashem?

Gaza is considered one of the oldest and most ancient Arab cities. Historians have conflicting information about the name of the city of Gaza. They differed among themselves about the correct or accurate name, as is always the case in most ancient cities.Some pointed out that it is in relation to the strength that the […]

Gaza Strip

Gaza strip

Gaza Strip Location Gaza Strip is located on the Mediterranean Sea along the Mediterranean northeast of the Sinai Peninsula, an area of about 363 km2 , and is one of the densely populated areas , where the number of population in which based on statistics in 2017 about 1,795,183 people , most of them speak […]