Hospitals in the Gaza Strip are:


Al-Shifa Hospital (map)

Al Shifa hospital is a governmental hospital that is considered the largest medical institution in the Gaza Strip.
It comprises three specialized hospitals: Surgery Hospital, hospital of Internal Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, with a total clinical capacity of 564 beds.
The hospital is located in the central-western area of Gaza City. Read more

Abu Yousef Al Najjar Hospital in Rafah

Services Provided:

  1. Reception and emergency department with a capacity of 16 beds and 2 children reception beds.
  2. The outpatient department includes general surgery clinic, orthopedic clinic, tract and ultrasound room, clinic, the office of a renal physician, ENT office, radiology room of emergency department and BASIC device with acidification room.
  3. Pharmacy department with 2 rooms.
  4. Radiology Department, it includes a fluoroscope, a basic device, an ultrasound room.
  5. The operations department includes two operating rooms, a recovery hall, 4 beds, offices for doctors and nurses, and stores of operations supplies.
  6. Daycare section Children with a capacity of 8 families.

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