The General Administration of Civil Status in the Gaza Strip announced that
the Strip population at the end of 2018 reached 2,135,482 people,
of whom 1,282,385 males (50.69%) and one million 53,977 females (49.31%).

The Population density in Gaza Strip

Gaza population

Most of the Strip population are refugees from the 1948 war, with an average
population density of 26,400 people / km2, and a population density in refugee camps of
55,500 people / km2. There are 44 Palestinian communities in the Gaza Strip. But up to PCBS statistics, Gaza population is 5,204 persons/km2 [1].

The mean number of children ever born for women ever married in Palestine in 2017 is 4.4 births, of which 4.3 births for women living in the West Bank and 4.5 births for women in Gaza Strip [1].

Population in Gaza Strip is Younger than the Population in the West Bank

The percentage of individuals aged (0-14) years constituted 38.9% of the total
population in 2017 of which 36.9% in the West Bank and 41.8% in Strip.  The elderly population aged (65 years and above) constituted 3.2% of the total population of which 3.6% in the West Bank and 2.8% in Gaza Strip in 2017 [1]. 

Gaza Population

The number of births in the Gaza Strip reached 57,694 newborns during the year 2018, with 51.3% males and
48.7% females, with 158 births per day and an average of 6 births per hour, while 4950
deaths were recorded during the year.


[1] Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS)
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