Gaza city

Gaza Strip cities are small in size and large in population. There are several cities in the Gaza Strip that are connected by normal roadways. Most of Gaza strip’s cities are contiguous and are only a few kilometers away.

Gaza City

Gaza is the largest city in the Gaza Strip,
located in the southwestern part of the State of Palestine, the city is located on the shore of
the Mediterranean Sea, and has a population of approximately 1,300,000 people, Gaza City
includes a number of neighborhoods including Al-Remal, Al-Nasr, and other neighborhoods,
in addition to a large number of camps such as Al-Bureij Camp, Nuseirat Camp, Al-Maghazi Camp, and ِBeach Camp.

Rafah City

Rafah is located near the Mediterranean coast, located 35 kilometers from the southern side of the Gaza Strip,
The city is distinguished by the fact that it borders the Arab Republic of Egypt

Rafah is also a transit point from the desert to agricultural land. Rafah is one of the big cities in the Gaza Strip and includes two refugee camps.

Beit Hanoun City

Beit Hanoun is located in the northeastern part of the Gaza Strip. and bordered by Beit Lahia on the west and south.

The city is about 50 meters above sea level and characterized by its strategic geographical location,
Moreover, where it has the largest land crossing linking the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian territories, called Beit Hanoun (Erez crossing).

Beit Hanoun City has a population of approximately 40,000 .

The city is one of the important tourist areas; it is located in the northern gap, and it has a moderate climate, and the city includes
a group of natural places that are a source of attraction for tourists, in addition to the
presence of some monuments because of the existence of successive civilizations on its land; Victory Mosque, and the Dome of Victory.

Jabalya City

Jabalya is located in the northeastern part of the Gaza Strip, about 2 km from Gaza. Jabalia’s land is flat rises about 35 meters above sea level.

The city of Jabalya is connected to Gaza City by a local road that connects to the main road
that connects Gaza with Jaffa.

Moreover, It has a population of approximately 47,000 people and an area of ​​about 11,500 dunums. The city has Jabalya refugee camp, which is located along with the city from the south-east and south-west.

Jabalya City is distinguished by its sandy soil. Therefore, it is famous for growing citrus and fruits.

Khan Younis City

Khan Yunis is located in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.Moreover, It is also one of the coastal cities on the Mediterranean Sea

The city of Khan Yunis on the border with Rafah to the south, and the Rafah governorate to the north .
The city of Deir Al-Balah.
The population of Khan Yunis is about 142,637 people. Additionally,it is the second-
The largest city in the Gaza Strip in terms of area and population.

Deir al – Balah City

Deir El-Balah is located on the Mediterranean coast, approximately 10 kilometers north of
Khan Yunis and 16 kilometers south of Gaza City.

The city includes a number of tourist attractions and archaeological monuments, For example, Castle Deir al-Balah, and the cemetery of Deir al-Balah, Tall al-Raqish, Alkhader mosque, and Umm Amer hill.