Omari Grand Mosque

Omari Grand Mosque

The Al-Omari Mosque is the oldest and most ancient mosque in Gaza City. It is located in the center of Old Gaza near the Old Market. It has an area of 4,100 square meters, and its courtyard area is 1,190 square meters. It holds 38 columns of beautiful and solid marble, which reflects in its beauty and
splendor with the ingenuity of ancient architecture Gaza City.

Church of Saint Porphyrius

It is located in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, and its construction dates back to the beginning of the fifth century AD. This church is distinguished by its huge walls supported by marble and granite columns installed in
a horizontal position to support the walls in addition to the stone shoulders.

Barquq Castle

The ancient Barquq Castle is in the middle of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.
The history of this fortress dates back to the year 1387 AD, i.e. 789 AH, commissioned by Sultan Barquq, one of the sultans of the Mamluk era and founder of the Burj Mamluk
state, and assigned the task to Prince Yunus bin Abdullah al-Nurzi.
It was built to serve as a center in the middle of the road between Damascus and Cairo, for
merchants and travelers to make it a place of rest and meeting .

Gaza Sea

The Sea of Gaza is one of the places most people go to during the summer to have fun
and have a nice time
In addition, the beach provides opportunities for a number of the unemployed who find
there is a seasonal job opportunity to earn a living, by renting seats and umbrellas,
or selling food, drinks and simple games.

Hamam al-Sammara

One of the most important Ottoman architectural landmarks in Palestine. Located in the Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza, it is considered one of the wonderful examples of
the Ottoman hamam in the country. It is the only bathroom remaining so far in Gaza City, where the gradual transition from the hot
room to the warm room to the cold room was taken into account in its planning, which was
roofed with a dome with round openings intertwined with colored glass that allowed
the sunlight to penetrate to illuminate the hall with natural light that gives the place elegance and beauty .